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Originally Posted by CP911 View Post
Are you serious right now?

I got the new Camry 4-banger as my rental car when I went to last year's Formula 1 US Grand Prix in Austin. Total disappointment in nearly every way possible. Based on the TV commercials and its new looks, I had very high hopes for the car. By the end of the trip, my wife was literally annoyed with me because of how critical I was on the car. It deserved it though. Tin can construction worse than I've seen from Kia and Honda over the last half decade. You can literally hear the pop of the sheet metal on the doors flexing as you close the doors. The steering feel is one of the worst I've experienced from an EPS rack - almost as bad as the new Impreza EPS rack (however, my '16 WRX had lovely steering feel!). The engine? Totally pathetic by today's standards. My old 2012 Kia Optima with its NA 2.4L direct-injection engine pulled harder and ran smoother. Composure over bumps and bad roads was horrible as well. Just a stiff, clunky ride over anything but smooth pavement.
Then again, knowing rental car companies, it could have been attributed partly to over-inflated tires...but still. Don't even get me started on the interior design...

Just a total miss by Toyota except for maybe the exterior styling. But for me, function > form every time. Sadly, they will probably continue to sell though for the same reason I leased my Optima right out of college: (features+gas mileage)/price. Oh, and marketing/advertising too. I was watching a lot of NBA basketball back when Blake Griffin was pimping the then newly-redesigned Optima as the "Official Vehicle of the NBA." LMAO

Considering the new and upcoming Supra is a re-skinned BMW Z4, I think it is only appropriate and wise for Mazda to pay some attention to Toyota right now.
Yes I am serious, for a commuter car it is pretty good. At least that is my opinion on it. I am not saying its a sports sedan but ours does feel solid. By the way, rental cars never feel as solid as a personal car with a one owner. Those cars get flogged and treated like junk from day one, so your Comparison isn't one. And also this isn't my car, it belongs to my wife so this car is more than enough for all the miles she puts on her vehicles. Of coarse this car doesn't hold a candle to my f80 in terms of performance or looks, and my Tacoma pro is my daily vehicle and that thing is extremely solid. Not one rattle can be heard in that cabin, sometimes it's the luck of the draw with some vehicles no matter what manufacturer they are from. I think Toyota nailed it with this model as it is a big improvement in every way over the previous model it replaced. You don't have to like it, but we do and that is what matters in the end.