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Originally Posted by M3V8Driver View Post
Since the 9.5" wheel is an inch wider than the stock 8.5", wheel, I figure the 6mm difference in offset is such that the wheel track is still a tad outward if anything, compared to stock (there are 25.4mm in an inch).

So what do you think about the following setup:
TR Motorsports MT1 18"x9.5", 35mm offset
255/35/18 Hoosier R6
Optional tire: 265/35/18 BFG G-Force R1

TR Motorsports MT1 18"x10", 25mm offset
275/35/18 Hoosier R6
Optional tire: 275/35/18 BFG G-Force R1

Both front and rear track should be wider than stock and rear should be a little more outward than front, so no spacers.
I think that would be a good setup. You would be saving a little unsprung weight over my square setup above.

With the square setup I have I was expecting the car to be a little tail happy but it wasn't the case, the car feels very well balanced with amazing turn-in. Oversteer is not an issue and you can rotate tires as you please.

Of your choices I'd probably go with the 265/275 BFG-R1s over the Hoosiers to save some money and minimize understeer.
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