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I've read through the comments gentlemen, and if I could just contribute please.

I think we are losing sight of the original topic. The thread reads "how to get to heaven", so doesn't that assume that there's a God to start with?
Anyway, as a Christian, I believe what the bible tells me, that God does love me and despite of all the crap in this world, promises me that He will never leave me, and that I can know Him personally!!
No other religion says that

Also, I often hear "gee Jeff is a 'good' person, he'll go to heaven surely". Well The bible tells me that not one person is 'good', only God, and that we are born out of sync with a holy and perfect God...sin sucks, but it is a direct consequence of our free will that God has given us.

There is no true love without free will, that is vital God gives us the free will to love Him or reject Him. Without free will we are robots. So basically, my 'good deeds' don't get me to heaven. It's by accepting Gods free gift of forgiveness that gets you to heaven friends...GRACE!!! You know the one, John 3:16 "for God so loved the world, He gave His only Son, that whoever believes in Him should not die but have eternal life"

This is what differentiates all other religions that have a "god", as they are all based on Works... They can never know their god and are constantly striving to earn brownie points, but if they stuff up, look out because there's a thunderbolt of lightening coming your way!

Anyway, this is how I know I'm going to heaven, and i have a peace that passes all human understanding knowing that my whole purpose is to love, honour and obey Him. There are times that I'll stray, get ticked of with Him, ache to understand why things happen the way they do, but His promises never let me down.

There's your sermon for the day gents
Healthy stuff to discuss these things respectfully!! Thoughts?