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Originally Posted by The Truth View Post
Robson Design are wetlay or wrapped in Asia. they look good, but its ok to use such process for interior appearance stuff but nothing else.
Yes its wet lay and yes its in Singapore. It is the only method for cf interior parts, lets face it, its for looks only when it comes to interior.

In regards to the "nothing else" I respectfully disagree. "the truth" is all this rear diffuser, front splitter, boot lid, carbon mirrors etc. is all for looks. You arent improving anything but the looks of the car. So who cares what its made of as long as it looks good. Before you get into the weeds about which type of cf diffuser is lighter, why dont you think about saving the added weight, time and money and just not put it on the car at all?

KEV - Robson is the deal! 1/4 the price and better quality than any other.

To comment further on the interior parts made from CF, I believe all are wrapped. The VRS one is I also believe the ACS one is and many other so in this specific topic I restate the original question "Are we getting what we paid for?" and the answer is HELL NO! My custom carbon wrapped interior is just as good if not better than anything I have seen to include OEM and the whole kit cost me 1/4 of what the AC one cost.