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Originally Posted by FifthStreetz View Post
not all the time...think about it, if a VRS front "CF" overlay on fiberglass costs $1.5K and someone made a replica which is identical for half the price, do you think your really getting your moneys worth when you bought the "name brand" product?

But if your talking about real carbon fibre, dry carbon, then yes, i do think you get your moneys worth....
not getting your money worth at all in this case. those replica vrs are actually better made and fits better and ofcourse better price.

I dont agree on the idea of replica, these replica compnay are stealing the design and thats the same as stealing. come up with their own design with better fitment then they would themself a name. replicas are just helping the real thing gain more exposure and people would over look how they were cheated in the first place.