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some of the replica parts are actually have better fitment then its original brand, doesn't mean its better made. infusion we-layed parts can be almost as light as real prepreg dry carbon parts, but hard to compare since they are not same design, and the back of some well made infusion wet-layed parts may be have smooth back as well, but just look at the pin holes under the lights then the difference become obvious.

there are company out there using wet-layed carbon (doesn't matter if its infusion or fiber glass overlay) and charging real prepreg dry carbon price and made people believe they are dry carbon, and thats robbery. again, real prepreg dry carbon should not have fitment differences, i.e. some fits and some don't fit as well from same mold use to make the product. I've seen real ACS product in person and exhamine it carefully, the quality, fitment are BMW OE like and of course its using real prepreg dry carbon. only if ACS can come to their senses and not charge outrageous price and educate customers the differences then their sales would increase atleast 2000%. I'm sure if we can all get our hands on the real thing for reasonable price then no one would buy replicas or dry carbon wanna bes.