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Originally Posted by bigjae1976 View Post
99% of the "CF" parts here are overlaid. You need to be able to cure the CF (or any composite) under a lot of pressure to make a really strong and light part. Thus, the equipment to do that would make the part REALLY expensive.

For the most part, we are getting a good value. Let's face it, most here buy CF for the looks. So we only really need overlaid parts.

I think you should be more concerned with proper fitment. That's the hard part.
I agree, most of us getting it just for looks and fitment is the number one concern. But some companies have misleading infos so we spend more on same wet-layed products, just different method of making it.

heres a pic of a ture dry carbon, prepreg carbon fiber, if product you bought claim to be dry carbon and does not look like this in the back, think again.

this is also what BMW OEM carbon product look like in the back.

we don't always get what we paid for with some misleading info out there.
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