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Originally Posted by Gkap View Post
Looks mean man!

Tell Mike I say whats up! He used to live in my area. Great guy.
Mike says what's up!

Originally Posted by Mmmdreamer View Post
Isn't it snowing in Calgary already? Nice car man!

That's stock ride height? Looks lower to me?
It rain/snowed last week right after I picked her up from the detail but I never put my winters on until at least the 1st of November.

It's stock ZCP height.

Originally Posted by the infamous... View Post
whoa!! u should b sent 2 jail, bc u str8 up murdered ur e92! looks raw as hell
luv those rollers most

suggestions: black side gills n m3 badge
Haha thanks man!

I had the gills but they snapped by the time I got around to installing em so I'll be picking some more up soon. I'm from Europe originally and so I'm more partial to de-badge which I will do today/tomorrow.

Originally Posted by Millie View Post

What size are those tires?
265/30/19 up front and 295/30/19 in the rear. Perfect sizes if you wanna drop on these rims (and most).

Also, welcome! I hope you're from Calgary and not Edmonton.