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Originally Posted by Bash View Post
You're kidding right? Without a blower none of the M3s will touch the CTSV stock let alone modded and I don't care how many bolts on you have. I rape non supercharged M3s all day and i drive a 3 series 335. Lol

You base your assumptions on what, the results of your 335I?

As I stated I ran a stock CTS-V with a bolt on "DCT" M3, there's a difference vs a 6MT M3, and yes I was able to hang with a STOCK CTS-V, on numerous runs, the results were posted, it was a few years ago, the vid is no longer up though, regardless you can read the commentary if you need convincing.

My car only made 377whp, and I ran 12.1 @ 116 and 11.88 @ 118, both are in the realm of a STOCK CTS-V with 556 BHP. There's a couple vids on youtube as well where recently a bolt on DCT M3, ran against a stock 2011 CTS-V and their 1/4 mile times and traps were very close, just type in DCT M3 Vs CTS-V and 3 separate vids will show up. M3post member ERM324 posted that his FBO M3 was a car ahead of a stock CTSV up to 130MPH as well.

Regardless there is enough proof, not just opinion, that it is in the realm of possibility that a Bolt On DCT M3 can "hang" with a Stock CTS-V, in most cases I'd probably give a slight edge to the CTS-V, of course you would need FI of some sort to easily beat a stock CTS-V, a VT535 would easily do the job.

1/4 mile times for both cars in question -

Bolt on DCT M3's 1/4 mile times -

11.88 @ 118.xx MPH - 1.81 60' - DLSJ5 - Bolt On's, GIAC tune
12.00 @ 116.15 MPH - 1.93 60' - erm324 - Bolt On's, OE tune
12.29 @ 115.63 MPH -1.95 60' - Cptn Mo 307 - Bolt On's, OE tune
12.51 @ 115.89 MPH -1.98 60' - M3DCTBT - Stock X-pipe, OE tune

STOCK CTS-V 556HP From Dragtimes

16 F82 M4 DCT - ZCP - JB4 - 556WHP / 570WTQ
08 E92 M3 DCT - Bolt Ons - 60-130MPH 10.71s - 11.88 @ 118MPH - 377WHP
ESS VT2-625 SC 60-130MPH 6.80s - 11.30 @ 129.3 MPH 586WHP / 379WTQ
ESS VT3-750 - 60-130MPH 6.14s - 10.81 @ 135.13 MPH 690WHP/463WTQ
Shift-S3ctor E92 M3 - 1/2 Mile Trap Speed WR - 174.13 MPH