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Originally Posted by Squawks
Good taste! Gouryella is actually DJ Tiesto as well...along with Ferry Corsten.

I lost a little respect for Tiesto - he was sniffing cocaine in the bathroom at The Mayan in L.A. Saw it myself. Damn druggie.
I'm sure they all do. I respect the music, not the artists. I am in no way a "fan" of any of these people and that is why I don't know many of the artists or songs. I don't go to raves, or concerts, I just listen to the music. To me, it is like classical, orchestra, but with a hard bass and less boring. I don't much care for the popular music, rock, rap, because they have such bland music, crappy lyrics, and the musicians can't sing. The singers I have heard on my MOS CDs have so much more talent than any of the popular artists who simply need to wear lots of makeup and a skimpy clothing to be famous.