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Originally Posted by Voltigeur View Post
The U.S. economy is slowing; and the W. European economies are also slowing. BMW is also getting more cost conscious: Der Spiegel came out w/ the news that that BMW AG plans to cut 8k jobs next year (albeit mainly temps).

I suspect BMW wants to get ahead of the pressures on margins given the foregoing scenario - R&D is another area where the pencils can be sharpened.

Hey, BMW: it's hard to ask a premium price w/ a new product when the economic backdrop is getting tougher - globally (barring some searing growth in EM). I wonder if BMW is holding back because of nerves about this critical equation:
  • new M3
  • has tough competition (C63, GT-R ...)
  • EUR/USD too high
  • slowing macro environment
  • housing slowdown in US (but also UK, IRL ...) = less 'house ATM'
Dude...go back to school. Less than an 8% workforce reduction and what is your point exactly? Go back to school.

Better yet...shut the f**K up about the cost and go buy something you can afford and then get on THAT board.