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e92 vs Nissan GTR vs the competition

Hi, former lurker here. After reading the reviews and discussions regarding the new M3, I am beginning to wonder if the M has fallen off its lofty pedastole. Being an owner of an e46 M3 for almost three years, I was immediately taken by the old e46 design. I love my car as I am sure most of you do. I am different than a lot of people who post here in that I actually like the way the new M looks (although I hate the visible muffler). What does concern me is the performance. I already have a deposit down at Global Imports BMW here in Atlanta, so I was definitely excited about the new car. My question is that if BMW hasn't created a car that best the competition that is currently out there, ie the RS4 then what about the newcomers? For instance the Merc C63 and most notably the Nissan GTR? I love Porsches and when I bought the M3 I actually test drove one and pondered buying one. I ended up deciding that I needed a trunk for 2 sets of golf clubs (I know...I know a cliche!!) The Nissan looks to fit that bill and it also appears to be a knockout in terms of performance. I am not a badge junkie, so names don't mean anything to me. Will the Nissan GTR become the best practical sports car? Or will it be the Merc c63 or CLK63 or the RS4 or RS5? I am hoping that these reviews aren't giving us the total picture since I haven't seen any real performance numbers yet (but the brakes and steering are bothering me a bit). What do you all think?