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I just built one online based on what i'd actually buy...

991 S - Black -
-OE wheel (not a big fan of the new bigger wheels and would probably go aftermarket HRE, Modulare, ADV.1 if I decided I wanted more)
-Premium Package With Adaptive Sports Seats Plus
-Burmester Audio Package
-Park Assist
-Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control with PSM Sport Suspension
-Sport Chrono
-Interior light design
-Silver Grey belts
-Full black leather interior option

$117,965 MSRP - And I feel like it has everything it needs to be the quintessential P-car.

I omit Carbon brakes because whatever car I own see's extensive track time. Even the SUV's for fun or in rain.
I omit PDK because I like to row my own, especially at 7600rpm.
I omit Sport Exhaust because i'd rather get something aftermarket if I went that route.

Pretty expensive, but that is a LOT of vehicle for the money...A lot. I would, without question take a 991 S with these options over a

-Z06 Carbon (105k)
-BMW M6 (120k) 13'
-GTR Black (107k)
-Evora S (90k)
-XKR (115k)
-GrandTurismo S (145k)
-CLK Black (135k)

In fact the only car I might take over it, would be a car that offers that same "where do I sign" feel after you really drive it...

Vantage S (135k)

But due to it being at the end of it's model run, i'd probably go with the 991. I think the baby Aston is one of the most perfect 2+2 high end + hard core coupes ever built, but the 991 is a seriously precise tool.

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