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Originally Posted by sayemthree View Post
how many days in an M3? that was my comment - I am not saying you have track experience or not
Leh is extremely humble, more so than most. I've been familiar with his track work for a few years, starting with the STI (the white one with gold wheels and the injen intake), to the P-cars. Go to Google video and search for
'Leh Keen' and entertain yourself for a bit....some very nice driving there.
Here's one I like from Watkins Glenn-

Again, he is very humble and I'm amazed he's stayed in this riduculous discussion for this long.

The original question was wouldwe choose the stock brakes or Brembo 6/4 pots from the factory? Like when filling out our order form, one of the costless options would be Brembo 6/4 brakes or leave them stock.
I cannot fathom how anyone would not check that box, especially if you go to the track (which is where this car belongs).
Think about if you would really not check that box...

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