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This morning at the feeder. Some serious backlighting here (facing east), but the 400 5.6 with its very nice hood handled it well.

Some lessons here. I left my focus setting as it was, which was center point expanded. That worked fine for BIF against a blue sky, but here it tended to grab focus on the greatest area of contrast, which was the tree trunk against the background sky. Just a couple inches off. I could have shot stopped down a bit, but I was already shooting too slow at 1/800 and didn't want to bump the ISO on the 7D any further than 800. Switching to center point only would have helped tighten up the focus, I think. I also got some images of cards and bluejays flying in and out of the feeder, but 1/1800 was too slow to really grab those shots. My 6D cranked to ISO 2000 or higher would have been a better choice for the flying shots as well as the increased DOF.

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