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Originally Posted by Thxrick View Post
I'm a newbie...the 1911 looks sweet. Never fired any 1911. Trying to learn and get better ensconced in firearms.
And you call yourself American. For shame!

It's an interesting hobby, and an expensive one. If you haven't tried a 1911, don't. They're addictive. But try one after you shoot a number of other non 1911 frames so that you can appreciate and recognize the differences.

I can do fairly well with a Glock, but I don't like them typically. When my brother finally gets his Sig 1911 designed, I'll be trying that out and seeing how it compares to my Kimber Raptor. Shoot as many different guns as you can - what works for others won't necessarily work for you.
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he's Canadian. By international law we all must worship him and all other products of the country.