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Originally Posted by JMD0977 View Post
No one here said that a Stroker was faster than S/C'ed car. They have not been tested head to head on the straight line or at the track. Traction issues aside, the S/C'ed one should be ahead by some margin on a straight line since S/C'ed cars according to Dynos, put down about 60-70WHP and 30-40 WTQ more. On the track, who knows. Again, no tests have been done yet.

But thats all irrelevant, the main issue in this thread was reliability. Period. And its what I've addressed the whole time.
Not who's faster, but who is more reliable and will last longer, and regardless of the blown motors some seem to think its normal and okay in the F/I scene, the Super Chargers record on the S65 motor is bad so far. Sure, it could have been a completely isolated fuck up on G-Power's part, but the more the car owner messes with the tuning, the more chances that something will go wrong on a S/C car.

The nonesense about a bolt on M3 and Stroker being equal is ridiculous. Its like saying that an 435whp/340wtq stroker is just as fast as a 490whp/370whp S/C car. Its not, whats the difference in times on the E9x M3s? Yet to be known...depending on traction/tract/tires/weather/etc...

Check the Dyno data base, my car puts down 50+whp and 60+wtq more than the highest reading full bolt on M3 (dogears) on a Dynojet, SAE corr, same type of Dyno and corr used for my results when my car only had 2K on the new motor 8 months ago. Yet Jon says the performance is the same. You know how retarded that sounds?!

The OP doesnt seem to be short in cash, but is the 50-60 extra HP (w/ a S/C over a stroker) worth the potential for a blown motor, due to a bad tune or malfunction? Thats what this thread is about. People get their heads blown up with the 500whp S/C numbers but can it really be used efficiently? Niterider tuned his down to 480whp. due to his preference. Can it make more power, of course, but can it be efficiently used if there is no traction? Whats the point? 60-130mph runs only?

Since you guys are SO familiar with S/C companies for the E9X M3, which S/C companies give full engine warranty? How long?
Newsflash Dynos vary thats only half the story anyway. I've stomped a few cars that supposedly have 50whp more then me according to their dyno. And they werent' all that bad at shifting. I gurantee I'd walk all over your car if you were in Cali. At least PG might have a chance with his new tune and because his car weighs a few hundred pounds less then yours. I'm sure you're not that silly to actually believe your lil extra power is enough to walk a properly modded coupe or sedan. Either way there is no hope for your car so keep it moving and tell your stories to the grade school kids who might care. Shoulda bought a S/C and then you could tell stories like that and get a reaction.