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Originally Posted by hgahn0325 View Post
I have same exact issue on my E90 M3.
I thought it was the starter when it occurred for first time, but it turned out to be CAS module for my case.
Apparently CAS module is known issue for old E9X models according to my mechanic.
You can diagnose your car by unplug ground cable from battery when issue occurs and plug back to see if car starts fine.
If you are lucky, you can resolve this issue by simply unplug CAS module harness and clean them. if this method doesn't work, you have to replace CAS module i believe...
OP - If you hear a click (from the solenoid), CAS is not your problem. There is really no question about this. And FWIW, the CAS module is not a "known issue" for E9x vehicles in a general sense or specifically for failure of starter/solenoid activation.

If you don't hear a click from the solenoid, that would be a different situation. When you say "clicking" are you hearing the solenoid or something else?