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Originally Posted by Ralph335 View Post
I dont understand this trade from a Flyers perspective.

Gudas wasn't bad at all last year and is much MUCH cheaper than Niskanen.
AND we retained some of Gudas' salary?
When Gudas keeps his head on straight, he's a pretty good d-man.

I guess the Flyers wanted a good role model for the young kids. Maybe this means they'll finally buy out AHLMac.
Yeah - 2018/2019 was a bit of a rough season for Niskanen. The question really is if he was injured or if he's lost a step. I guess Philly is banking on it being that he was injured in 2018/2019.

Gudas will help add more physicality to the Caps. That's something that most of the rest of the Caps D is missing - except Orpik. I think (but am not sure) that Orpik is retiring.

I too was surprised at the salary retention on the Philly side.