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The third day, we did more exercises and lapping on the GP circuit. We also visited holy ground for car enthusiasts, the Nordshleife. We were taken on hot laps in M3s by M instuctors and development engineers. There were two participants to each car. As fantastic as it was to drive the M3 on the GP track, for me the highlight was the Nordshleife. Our driver, Robert, was a true ring-meister who had ultimate car control, and treated us to drifts and even some air.

While we were there, Martin Birkmann, our kind host and BMWNA M Brand Manager, was arranging for filming a hot lap of the Nordshleife. Martin himself drove the white M3, and a race driver drove the red car with the more extensive camera rig.

then we headed back to the GP circuit for more lapping. Finally, all too soon, it was over. One last look and the cars before leaving for Frankfurt:

Tomorrow or the day after I will close this series with some insights about the car, BMW M, and the trip itself.
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