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Originally Posted by Gray135i View Post
To the original post, yes, the stock 135i is faster than the SSTT 335i when it's a single driver in each car with manuals in both cars as well. It's not much faster, but the 335i can't catch up at any speed (so I guess the 135's pug face doesn't hurt it that much aerodymamically)
To the rest of the argument, my 135i certainly isn't a looker, but I still chose it over the 335i (same price with the 3 series discounts). The handling is crisper but less predictable than the 335i, but the size sold me on the 1 series. Both cars are certainly overweight, but that's a standard feature in almost all cars nowadays. It's a personal decision in the end with both cars having their own appeal.

to correct you just a little

the 135i is not faster than a 335i with SSTT unless you weigh the 335 down in addition...they should be about on par with each other, stock 135's dont do any running away from 335i's...

as far as how this entire thread has become a discussion over looks and whether one is better than the other etc. Looks are subjective, everyone likes different things. While I may not like the styling of the 135 vs the 335, and some aspects of the 135 I really dont like, in general, in my own opinion, in person its not too bad. But thats an opinion, not a fact

the 335i is a nicer vehicle than the 135i, feature wise/size wise as far as pricing goes, I think this is reflected. That doesnt mean that owning a 135i gives you a smaller penis.

we all drive a car with the same basic engine, why not just enjoy it? The 135 is a bit lighter than the 335, but lacks the wheelbase for the same beneficial weight transfer as a slightly larger 335 in a drag strip, thus the very similar drag times that you see. A marginal percentage of us bought these cars for drag racing, if you wanted a drag car, you got the wrong one. We wanted fast cars, that were nice, and thats what you got. The .1 second difference in a drag strip is statistically insignificant, both cars are pretty much just as quick as each other.

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