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Originally Posted by Mr Practical View Post
The dragging of the dollar will not affect the pricing of major imports like these (cars) this rapidly. Huge foreign companies which rely on good american consumerism, hedge their monetary investments so they won't be affected to much by moving currencies.

It's all about market share, if they increase the price to much on the M3 they will be pricing themselves out of the market. Seems to me that would be opposite of what they have been trying to achieve over the last decade or so.
Ah, OK, that is not (besides the inflation) one of the reasons M3 was $35k 15 years ago...

There is no way that you will be able to get a base M3 for $60k if the Euro goes way above $ way they would suffer with their margins selling the M3 for E40k.

Simply not possible...share or not share...margins would be hurting bad...