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Originally Posted by tom @ eas View Post
I completely agree with you. It appears the dealer is willing to help. They simply want the 3rd party devices removed in order to perform their specific job, eliminating troubleshooting on those specific devices.

Dealers/Technicians are people too. No one is going to go out of their way to help when threats/ultimatums are involved, or when a customer is telling them how to perform their job.
People are people is the bottom line. If anyone wants a guide on how to deal with situations like this in their life really would enjoy the absolutely best guide on how to be successful in life on all fronts (including getting warranty work in a dicey situation paid for ) is reading Dale Carnegie's "How to win friends and influence people" It is essentially about influencing people and winning friends in that sense, not to tell you how to become a socialite!

Takes virtually any situation when you want someone to do something for you and enables you to actually get them to be literally excited to want to help you and do what it is you desire and the cool thing is they are doing it all out of their own desire to please you because you confronted them on a way that made them feel that way.

When humans are confronted or someone is confrontational, before we even have time to think about the situation, we automatically react with any possible way that will oppose the other person, be unhelpful and fight against them. That happens before we even can rationalize what the other person actually even wanted or requested.

Listen, Tech and anyone else can go handle their life in anyway they want and I am not telling anyone to change. But since the OP asked for advice, my .02 is taking this approach. No biggie if anyone wants to take their own approach and if they have an even better way than I would love to hear and learn! I ain't perfect and don't know everything by far!!

What I do know from experience is having people want to help you is much easier and productive than forcing people to do something for you. Maybe I am crazy lol