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Originally Posted by THE TECH View Post
If a dealer told me that something on my car was causing an issue yet they don't even know what the issue is, then I stand by my statements. You may not agree and that's fine. When a dealer tells someone that some non-OEM part is causing the issue, it's normally out of naivety that they claim this 99% of the time. What kind of dealer tells a customer that they won't continue to work on a vehicle until it's put back to stock? Sounds like a dealer I want to avoid, not one I wanna sugar coat everything with to continue dealing with.
And that is of course your choice, however the issue is to consider what is it that the OP and 99 percent of people want in a situation like this? A quickly fixed car that is fixed without any out-of-pocket expense.

Your way as I mentioned will not get you here 9 out of 10 times. It may eventually happen but certainly not quickly in the majority of cases. Nothing will make a dealer be less cooperative and slow at resolution than strongarming them.

So while it probably feels good to you to be the "tough" guy with the dealer, it gets no results.

Life is all a game in one sense or another. The OP is here for advice and I would rather him have advice that will get him his desired outcome.

We can of course simply agree to disagree