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Originally Posted by BigApple View Post
I am shocked that it comes to this...

a 90day old e93 M3.

I had aftermarket Alarm and Radar protection installed from a Professional Location.

All fine about 3 weeks later (2 days ago) my Engine showed a Engine Malfunction Message. Went to the Dealer ... Dealer says it could be because of the Aftermarket install... And that there is possible no more warranty protection because of it... I cant belive it. Now they dont knwo what causes it and how to fix it. I Called the Aftermarket installer and they say they get that a lot that Dealers blame outside companies.
The funny thing is the aftermarket installers do work for other BMW dealerships. They install Radars for them also. Just not for this specific Dealer.
Now i am stuck in the middle of this Blame Shifting game.

How do you tackle this mess... i am not sure... any thoughts...
I hate it when dealerships use that excuse, that is BS