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Originally Posted by GenXer View Post
I don't understand the appeal behind a fake watch or a fake M BMW. Who are you trying to impress? There are inherent functions behind those items which are not replicated.

I have a GMT and I'm still amazed at how Rolex is able to add the complication of a 24 hours hand into the same dial using the same running mechanism. The cost to replicate an automatic mechanical watch with the same function would be at least $500-$1000. Why would anyone pay for that or why are they making these expensive fake watches?

Similarly, would why anyone fake an M car? A non-enthusiast wouldn't know what it was or even car about it. A car enthusiast would know right away when it doesn't perform like it should.

I get it when it comes to fashion. A fake Gucci or a fake Louis Vuitton bag are just bags with logos. You can only do so much with vinyl and leather. Sometimes they're even produced from the same material smuggled out of the factory
there are replicated rolex movements that do the exact same thing as the rolex movements, that even take rolex parts, made for under $100. Their movements are not some engineering feat, most were developed in the 90s and have been tweaked since.

A lot of watches now a days come from parts made in china. To be classified as "Swiss Made" only 60% of the manufacturing costs need to be of swiss origin, it needs to be cased in switzerland, and final qc needs to be in switzerland. That leaves a lot of the components to be manufactured elsewhere. Watches like tag, omega, rolex, etc. all have parts made outside of switzerland.

As for costs, $500 fake is still only 5% of the cost of a 10k rolex.
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