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Originally Posted by GT3 Tim View Post
You can run track pads on the street.

Noisey, yes. Like a school bus, mostly under light braking.

I ran Pagid RS19's on my GT3 all the time. On the street, initial bite was not as good as stock pads, but very managable and safe still, IMHO.

On the street, they are quite noisey under lighter braking, like a school bus or garbage truck. BFD!

On the track they are fricken boat anchors (and quiet). Once you get them up to operating temp, they are phenominal. They are also fairly low dusting and friendly to the rotors, and they last a LONG LONG time. After years of goofing around with different pads and compounds, I am sold on the RS19's. The trade off is noisey street braking. BFD. I actually think it is funny squealing up to a stop and having people look at me like "WTF? Fix your brakes moron". lol

Where I live, it basically never get much below freezing. Typical temps in the morning may be 28-40 in the winter. I found the pads to be just fine in these conditions. You just have to take it a bit easy for the first few stops. It simply requires a bit more pedal effort when they are that cold. Still totally safe IMHO.
Your description of the Pagids sounds exactly like my recollection of PF-01s on the street. I ran Performance Friction-01s on street for several months at a time. Funny thing, though; they didn't squeal all the time, but just often enough to be embarassing. Same looks as you got with the RS-19s. Same very slight difference in friction when very cold, but never really an issue. I guess when it comes time to buy track pads, I might try them out if the PFs are not available.

Dinan compliment of stuff plus PF rotors and RG63s. Enough for now.
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