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Originally Posted by Lil. Lucas View Post
Maybe its just old farts that buy middle of the road cars then complain that it doesn't have all the styling extras of the more expensive, better models in the range?
Listen smart a**e I have owned 27 BMW and I had a hand made 850 V12 Ci Manual 6sp made by the BMW Motor Sport Division. A M3 fully optioned up in Autralia as you know is $210,000, so you can guess what the 850 cost.

And for that price you should get what I said in my previous post. I don'y care what you pay for your car its what I paid for it and for $210,000 I can hop on a plane come to your house, steal your brakes and put them I my car.
I have about $750,000 worth of cars in my garage and the BMW is the only one with s**ty looking brakes and exhaust.

And tell me what better model in the range comes with these brakes, the 135?

I have better brakes on my 1974 FJ40.
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