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It does seem to bother some people that the M3 isn't this almighty thing that can slay everything up to twice it's price. I listen in amusement as how DCT will make all the difference and the only reason why it is being beaten is because of the manual gearbox or maybe the tyres or something else. The difference is that the GTR was design to compete and beat with the 997Turbo and not the humble M3, the fact that it's pricing happens to match the M3 is the annoying thing as now I/you are torn between wanting a decent all-rounder which is great fun on both the road and track, is pretty quick in a straight line but is ultimately not the best at anything or choose the ultimate trackday car which is equally brilliant on the road but has an awful ride and is shitty badge.

Decisions, decisions.

The simple truth is the M3 is a bloody good all-rounder in much the same way as the RS4 or Carrera2S but it's not the best thing since sliced bread. Once you have learned to except this then you can start to appreciate the thing properly and be happy in the knowledge that the M3 will bring you years of enjoyment.