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Argghhhh! The Glen!

Went to a 2-day HPDE event at Watkins Glen last weekend with NASA/PDA. I was looking forward to it as a nice bookend since my first event of the season was at the Glen back in May, also with NASA. It was in the 40s and rainy back then.

The weather up there had been sunny and nice for the two weeks prior, and then the cold temps and rain hit starting the middle of last week. Once again, 45-50 degrees and rain, but even worse...unbelievable fog. It was crazy. I shuttled back and forth between the hotel down in town and the track, which is just a few miles away but 1000ft higher in altitude. It would be clear in town, so I'd shoot up to the track, but about a quarter of a mile away you'd see the fog just clinging to the track like a leech. Run groups would stand by for a clearing; it would be good for a half an hour or so, and then pea soup again. At least by Sunday afternoon it was totally clear and the track mostly dry. The remaining wet spot was at the apex of the heel of the boot--made for an interesting time tracking out on tip-toes.

All told, I only got to run 2 out of 8 sessions, and those were abbreviated. I'd just be getting into a groove, and they'd throw the checker. There was also a NASA race going on that weekend. Total tally from what I saw was a wrecked Viper, a dented raced-out Subaru STi, and two smashed E30 BMW race cars.

Next time, it's got to be July or August...
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