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Originally Posted by ILC32 View Post
Maybe I do not drive my E46 M3 as hard as some of you guys (those top 9% E90Fleet apparently fits into), but the calipers themselves have never seemed to me to be a weak point of the car. I had no issues with repeated hard braking from 120-130 for turn 5 at Road America, which is a second-gear turn at the bottom of a fairly steep hill.

All I did to "prepare" the car was to remove the brake duct panels, install stainless steel lines, and replace the pads and fluid.

I think multi piston setups are not necessary in the E46 M; no one outside BMW knows yet about the E92 of course.

To me, Brembos and similar setups are more for bling than performance in non-race applications. They are expensive, add weight, and have little real benefit under most conditions, including DE-type conditions.

Please clarify your comment about BBK's "adding weight". BBK's calipers and rotors weigh less than stock counterparts and reduce the unsprung weight of the car, all which benefit handling. The E36 brakes were very good for track work with race pads and euro floating rotors and served me well for many years without upgrading to a BBK on this car. Then again, my car weighed 2,800 lbs.