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Originally Posted by phil@detailersdomain View Post
what do you currently use for your leather?

some of this will be normal wear.

but this kit has been extremely successful with our customers.

works well and leaves a matte finish

Leather Master Trio Kit
thanks, car is pretty much new, but essentially nothing on the leather, when i t goes for a wash it just gets some warm water i think. essentially, i dont touch it.
i know very little about detailing, but i want it the leather to hold and still look you recommend this kit.
how do u feel about those leather wipes they sell at places like home depot, etc, they are like 10 bucks and say the moisturize and clean and all that?
also, do you know how to get salt stains out of the pedal region; is just soap and water fine, thats what i was gonna do, just dont want the soap to discolor the carpet if its too strong.