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Originally Posted by masamune View Post
Just an update to this thread. I ended up buying the lease out! Here's what I learned:

- BMWFS will not negotiate. It must be the dealer. If the dealership tells you it's BMWFS that negotiates, they are wrong.
- If the dealership says they can't negotiate, this is a lie. Anything is negotiable. I had one start off like this until I mentioned another dealership offered me lower and they changed their tune.
- Probably the best time to negotiate is within the last month of your lease ending.
- Contrary to what's been said in this thread, ANY dealership can negotiate the residual. It does not have to be who you bought it from.

So I ended up negotiating about $4xxx below my residual. I was pretty happy with that and went with it. Hope this info helps others.
Just noticed this. Awesome news!