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Originally Posted by MiddleAgedAl View Post
Calm down, Joe. For someone who claims that "Even if you do perpetrate your opinions as fact, it's still your right of free speech and doesn't affect mine." (post 159 of this very thread), you sure seem to have gotten your knickers in a knot. No need to get all hyper sensitive and call people wacky, or batty, just because they disagree with you.

I think the wording of Alain's quote that I included is about as un-ambiguous and straightforward as it gets. Compared to a lot of quotes by a lot of drivers, I'm not sure how else one could interpret what he was saying. Dont think you need to have met him for that.

Unlike many quotes from Senna, including the time when he clinched his first title in '88, then proudly proclaimed to worlds media that he "saw God". Really, WTF does that mean? There any many ways to interpret that, you probably couldnt get a dozen priests to agree on exactly what he meant.

Mansell was also famous for a very aggressive style (hence his nickname at Ferrari "Il Leone".) He did many things that pissed off other drivers, but never the sort of intentional kamikaze moves that he knew would take himself out (and possibly physically injure) as well as his target. Trading paint with open wheel cars is a recipe for disaster in any context. Just ask Dan wheldon's widow.

Lots of drivers have taken others out over the years, and sometimes themselves too, but the last bit is usually unintentional. Even if it's a dodgy move, a drivers confidence makes them think they can get away with it. They try and come out clean. Senna and Schumi are the only ones I can recall who did moves that they surely knew would put them at risk just as bad as their target. (ie: they way they drove into people, there's no way they had an expectation of having a working car after that).

The University of Maryland has a course on the Origins of the Bible. One of the relevant documents on their website is a cataloged list of over 700 inconsistencies and contradictions in the bible.

If that document is supposed to describe how a good Christian is supposed to behave, and what he's supposed to believe, then what parts are you supposed to take, and what parts are you supposed to discard? Certainly can't take it as a whole with that number of contradictions in it.

Those who choose to live their life by such a document think it's OK to call others "wacky"?!? Really?
Pot, I'd like to introduce you to Kettle. Let's just say I wont lose any sleep if people who believe there is an invisible man in sky, think that I'm wacky.

Actually, no I don't know a lot, that's why I'm asking the question. That's what questions are for.

I can count on the fingers of both hands the number of formal sermons I've sat thru. That fact that I havent got the firsthand knowledge makes it more sensible that I would ask the question. You seem to have the logic backwards. If I had listened to a lot of sermons, I wouldnt need to ask the question now, would I ?

What I do know, is that I have seen firsthand people using the "Gods plan" card a lot, often in the presence of others who are self-described Christians. This whole "holding each other accountable" theory described by bbbbmw; I've NEVER seen that actually happen in practice, not in front of me anyways. Thats why I'm asking.
Wow, you're a bit touchy for a guy who has no problem belittling other people's beliefs.

Interesting that the documentary you said i should watch shows Prost deliberately wrecking his car into Senna's and then running to the stewards when Senna went through the run off area to reenter the track thereby missing a turn. I'm sure everything Prost said was genuine and had no ulterior motive at all.

I don't have the logic backwards, i mistook your genuine question as a rhetorical question. I guess partly because of this insistence on your part that you hear people use, as you put it "the God's plan card" on a daily basis. I would assume, being of christian faith i would be around more christians than you. I've never heard anyone say that to me directly. I've heard it before of course, but no where near at the pandemic rate your claiming.

The thing is that i've haven't shared a derogatory opinion about you or the millions like you with similar beliefs. Yet in several of your posts, you make a point to say something smug or tongue in cheek about people of faith in what seems to be an effort to paint them as weak minded idiots with an invisible friend. Which is sad because i never mind sharing my beliefs and why i chose to believe what i do. But when people do what you do in nearly every response, well then.... i have to pull out the big guns and really hurt people by using words, like...whacky.
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