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Originally Posted by MiddleAgedAl View Post
The University of Maryland has a course on the Origins of the Bible. One of the relevant documents on their website is a cataloged list of over 700 inconsistencies and contradictions in the bible.

If that document is supposed to describe how a good Christian is supposed to behave, and what he's supposed to believe, then what parts are you supposed to take, and what parts are you supposed to discard? Certainly can't take it as a whole with that number of contradictions in it.
Did you even read the list? I don't disagree that there are few discrepancies or inconsistencies in the Bible, but there are far less than 700. Most of the items on the list are just remarks (some of it, mere sarcasm) regarding verses without any attempt to understand the underlying meaning to them. See, for example, 95% (or perhaps more) of the comments concerning Acts on forward through the rest of the New Testament.