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Originally Posted by xbook View Post
Sounds like good legislation to me. Restrict the amount of ammo that the firearm can use at one time, and make owners of semi-auto rifles have to register them. I think this part is especially useful:

In another provision, therapists, doctors and other mental health professionals will be required to tell state authorities if a patient threatens to use a gun illegally. The patient's weapon could then be taken away.

I disagree with your statement that people have forgotten about mental health issues. That has been a major part of this discussion.

You see all of these great regulations coming into play, they sound amazing on paper, I give you that. They are also politically correct and they SEEM like they will fix the problem. In reality, they aren't going to do the job!!! We see this from every other nation that has extreme gun laws. Australia has insane gun laws AND they are a damn island yet they still have mass shootings. NY is just a state, what is going to keep someone in PA from coming into NY to commit a mass murder?? If someone is going to commit a crime, they are going to commit a crime PERIOD. On a small level, if they can't get an assault rifle to stand up a convenient store (which normally they aren't using, who the hell uses an AR-15 to stand up a store), they will use a shotgun or a pistol which aren't even mentioned in these new regulations. Same for mass shootings. If you are going to shoot 45 bullets (five 9 round magazines), now you have to reload one extra time (six 7 round magazines), BIG F**KIN DEAL!!!!! It takes about 15 seconds to reload. Come on people, it doesn't take an assault rifle to commit a mass shooting, any class of gun can be used to commit large amounts of damage.

Registering weapons sounds great but it does nothing to PREVENT the problem. It only addresses the aftermath. From the mass shootings we have seen lately, these guys want you to know who they are and honestly don't care if they are caught or they kill themselves.

The only thing I do agree with is the mental background checks.

My point is that these regulations are a waste of tax dollars and are a politically motivated move so that Cuomo can say he was THE FIRST to make a move when he decides to run for president in 2016.

I graduated high school in 2007 and every day we had a police car outside the main door, security at every entrance and id's that we always had to carry on us. At the time, this seemed a bit excessive however looking back on it, these were necessary measures not to protect the students from themselves but to protect them from outside dangers. This is the type of security that we need. Obama can talk all day how we shouldn't have guns at school but his kids probably have a dozen armed guards standing around them at their school at all times. Is this because his kids are worth more??? F**K NOOOOOOO!!!! We use armed guards to protect our banks, our airports, train stations, etc... but what about our most prized possessions. I am only 23 but I know that if I asked any parent if they would trade their lives for their childs, they would say yes. So why are we willing to put more protection around what we are willing to give up rather than protecting what we value most????