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I used the wintersport M3's in the past (about 4 years) and loved them, but they dropped the M3 and switched to the d3, which although was ok in the snow, perhaps even better in the snow, they lost a lot of dry traction and stability. The sidewall flexes more and the tire feels more vague. Its no longer an enthusiasts sport tire IMO. I don't think I'd buy them again, although if you are on a budget, they are still worth the money.

I wont buy Blizzaks based on prior history/experience.

I'm now looking at the Pirelli Winter 240 Sottozero - looks like enthusiasts tend to like this tire for its good dry traction and mildly compromised snow traction when compared to hardcore winter tires (a good tradeoff for me). Also I see there is a serie II tire, as well as 210, 240 and 270 models. Whats the difference between all of them - whats the best one if I want the best handling (read: lowest sidewall/tread vagueness) tire?! Ben? I dont care about tread wear, noise, comfort or any of those other WOSSIE characteristics. I basically want a PS2 in a winter compound with a tread pattern that can deal with snow occasionally. Am I looking at the best tire with the sottozero?

Ben, do you expect more updates to the site for the 18" M3 wheel setup? I see only one option for dedicated winter tires.
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