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Originally Posted by johnnymu View Post
since you want to continue this bs, the market did open lower....

Your desparation to try and tie any little bit of negativity in the Dow to Obama is amazing.

What was it? 10 minutes of down trading a few points, immediately followed by a huge upward move? Ending the day up?

And you think the few minutes of slight down movement should be blamed on Obama. But the upward move? Silence. What a fucking idiot you are. Way to show you cherry-pick your comments linking Obama to the market for just negative moves of the market.

But again, the real question is where are you now that the market is going up?

Where are your comments that Obama is pushing the Dow upward? And not just you, but the entire right-wing noise machine that has suddenly become silent now that the market is temporarily spiking upwards?

ALL of you idiots should be all applying the exact same standards for market moves up that you applied when you blamed Obama for the market going down. Why the hypocricy? Why aren't you posting about Obama causing the market to go up, the same way you were posting about Obama causing the market to go down?

Fucking hypocrite.

And yes, I will continue to call you out, and all of your right wing nut-humper friends out every single day that the market goes up any you don't apply the same standards that you applied when the market was going down. What part about this don't YOU understand? It's all about your double-standards, and your blame-game that loudly blames Obama for downward moves in the market, but is suddenly silent when the market goes up --- Just to again blame Obama with the slightest downward movement of the Dow.