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-What is the overall condition? I saw a car with 145k that was in frankly great condition, 2 owner car and the second owner was a detailer who kept it very clean. I just knew I had a higher budget and it wasn't the exact spec I wanted.
-Are there full service records? That will be just as much an indicator of how much the owners cared than just the rod bearings. If the owner did the rod bearings but also tracked the car 10 times a year, that might have much different stipulations.
-Clean carfax, no accidents? Original paint work?
-Stock or modded? Cars with a lot of cheap aftermarket stuff are probably less desirable and less valuable than something mostly stock.
It's listed for $25k. As far as overall condition, from videos and pictures I've seen it looks to be in very good condition. Paint has been color corrected recently. Owner 2 reported damage to rear on the Carfax, and also doesn't have any service records on the books. Carfax is pretty sparse on service records. Fairly certain it is bone stock, no obvious mods. No way to know if it was tracked since its coming from a dealer. There's parts of the deal that definitely sketch me out, which is why I came here to ask people that know way more than I do. Really just wanna know if it's even worth it to go through with the PPI.

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I still wouldn't feel comfortable doing something sight unseen unless the owner was meticulously detailed. I bought my car from a dealer a few states away but I still went to pick it up in person before handing over the money.
Trust me I don't either, but as I get deeper into the search, I'm realizing that that's probably the only way I'm gonna get one to me. The Navy's not too keen on letting us travel at the moment.