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Originally Posted by adc View Post
Guys, if you build a regular coupe with all the standard options in the edition, it comes to $70,800 or so. That leaves $5.6k for the frozen paint and cool stitching.

How exactly is this overpriced? why dont you ask your dealer how much it would cost you to get a frozen individual color, just for fun?

Fast forward 10 years, with the limited production numbers this will be a *hot* item on the used market. It will fetch $$$ where your nice mineral white will be $20k if we're lucky. Thats what is special about this edition, and the fact that you will probably never see another one on the road very soon.
If you defend the value of the car using MSRP, which you seem to be doing, then you might want to consider the fact that MSRP is an inflated number assigned by the manufacturer and is only remotely associated with the true value of the car. As most people on this site seem to understand, Invoice price is the most accurate reflection of cars value. Dealers know that which is why they sell cars at Invoice price +
Anyone buying this car at MSRP (or MSRP+) rather than Invoice is paying for an overpriced car because its true value resides in the proximity of Invoice price.
If you are betting that the premium you pay for the car over invoice is worth it because the car is going yield future benefits then you would be smart to calculate what the premium is you're paying. That should give you some idea of how long you have to wait to get back all that extra money you gave the dealer.