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Originally Posted by BayMoWe335 View Post
Australia is nothing like the US. Itís basically a large island with a couple cities. Australiaís entire population is 50% smaller than California. You have far less in and out travel compared to Europe and the US.

Your virus status is likely more geographical and a result of a large country with small population than anything youíve done particularly well.
Sydney and Melbourne metro areas would be the 6th and 7th largest in the USA. We also had a significant breakout in melbourne with 700 cases a day and got it down to 0 as of yesterday.

Chinese travel to Australia is monumental.

Truth is, they moved early, shut the border hard, enforced a policed 14 day quarantine and snuffed it out. These were all options other countries could have taken but either didn't or did not do them for long enough or with enough enforcement (the quarantine of incoming travelers is absolutely vital).

We are now in a position to recover the ecomony and go about life relatively normally whist the rest of the world will be stuck dealing with this thing in a half arsed manner.
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