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Originally Posted by M5theonlyone View Post
In the lull that led up to the hybrids Merc had plenty of time to concoct a winning PU together with turbo split at each end of the engine connected by a shaft to SUIT THE HYBRID so what do I need to provide proof of exactly and if I needed to ridicule RB then wouldn't that be true for the other eight teams also?
RB manage their drivers amicably so I don't see your point where is the inability to manage their drivers.Horner is a fair and honest manager whose team are primed for success while at Merc they've already had it MADE with huge step for them since around 2010 adding mods already on shelves to achieve their increase their top speed at will.The facts are there without needing proof.
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Everyone else had the same chance. Sorry their R and D wasn't up to snuff. Not really on ridiculing the other teams...only the Fezza, Renault, and Honda runners. They all had the same opportunity. You called out the Mercedes PU and I responded exactly to that.

RB don't manage their drivers amicably. VET was allowed to run roughshod over WEB and I would imagine that would be the same case if ALB would start to challenge VER. Their treatment of GAS last year of firing him less than a week of saying they absolutely supported him was cringe-worthy. This is why they are putting out one press release after another with regard to ALB. Red Bull could be a case study in bad personnel management. Additionally, the treatment of their partners has made them a pariah with PU manufacturers. Neither Mercedes or Fezza would go near them now. They proactively burn bridges because they talk too much.

I've said it to my local F1 friends and I'll say it here: Their best bet is the buy the IP of Honda and continue development with their current PU and create a corporate structure similar to Mercedes or outright purchase Cosworth who also have a homologated F1 PU that no one elected to go with. If I were them, I'd choose the former rather than the latter as it would mean a smooth transition, somewhat similar to Brawn from Honda.

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