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Originally Posted by ///M Power-Belgium View Post
The MIB don't know what racecraft is . They are just cruising to the victory !
They just sit in the car . While the Wolffdude is pushing on the power buttons hidden behind the pitwall...

Even HAM's infraction points disappeared like snow in the sun !
Originally Posted by M5theonlyone View Post
I watched a vid of Wolff's come uppence when Frank Williams dragged him into F1..After he joined dark side it was all innocent sweet music of how he was educated at school and 'miraculously' transformed them into a winning team.
I wonder if turning hidden knobs up and down was part of the amazing expertise he has demonstrated.
They say money talks and indeed it's handy when HAM gets close to a ban.
I must confess that I'm a little disappointed in both of you. I thought you were both knowledgeable fans of F1.

To say that anyone can sit in the Mercedes and win and it doesn't require race craft is like saying anyone can sit in an F22 and get the best performance out of the aircraft. It's just silly.

I'm sorry your fav driver is getting trounced but he has had 2 chances to sit next to Lewis and decided not to do so both times: When he first came into the sport and again in 2017 when ROS left. He and his father decide that it wouldn't be good for his career to race alongside Lewis at that time.

And while Max is an amazing driver, he has had exactly ONE championship level win that was demonstrable of his ability to drive to a championship over a season. One. And that was this season.

Now onto the Merc being the fastest in a straight is not. Look at the stop speeds at Spa, Silverstone, and Monza. The Merc is developed and especially tuned for medium, medium-high, and high-speed corners. That is why it cannot pass many cars even with DRS. This is also why HAM is able to get so much out of the car because he excels in turns of that type more than any other driver. And please never bring up race craft. Go back and watch the 2006 GP 2 season. It was a clinic.

Lewis Hamilton earned his right into that seat and to say otherwise is really disappointing...especially coming from 2 people who say they are racing fans.

Several actors have played James Bond, Sean Connery IS James Bond...
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