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Originally Posted by yco View Post
Merc' is not winning because of its engine my friend.. actually until this year long straights was a nightmare for Merc's cause they were down on power.. even if there is a "knowing" for hybrid era.. been 7 years now.. 7th turbo season.. 6-7 year is a century for F1 but other teams still struggle.. chassis and engine wise.. and its already very close to its efficiency limits but other teams still suck.. Merc' is the one still pushing.. dont tell me money my friend cause its not.. Ferrari, Renault, Honda, Red Bull has money as well.. and if you still think its the engine.. Racing Points or Williams didnt win a race with the same engine.. McLaren will have Merc' engine as well.. so this year 30% of the grid and next year 40% of grid will have the same engine.. answer is very simple.. as a team Merc' is a great team.. working in harmony.. we re watching the best team ever been together in these years.. and i enjoy each race.. and for something is really really good.. not everyone bow to that.. this all i see on this topic..

Merc' is not the only pushing things with talented people.. recently they re running the best social media as well.. you can have insights of anything you want about Merc'.. and they dont celebrate after each race win for many years now.. they always work hard.. and they deserve this whatever people say.. they are really really good at this as a whole..
Merc' is not winning because of its engine ?
Can you tell me mate , why the Mercs are 17 km/h faster on the straights ?
Even the F1 grandma (Bottas) can win in a Merc with 0 racecraft...

And why last year the Ferrari's were 21 km/ faster than the Mercs ?
Not the engine ..Are you serious ? Mate give me a break !

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