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I see you said you ordered the lightweight package, did you get the complete package or just part of it? I have ordered the complete package that takes out metal from the back pad and also uses titanium bolts. I also ordered 3 piece wheels because anyone who knows anything about wheels, understands that a 3 piece wheel is lighter than a 2 piece wheel. Maybe you should have been a little more educated on the product you were buying instead of putting down a company. You received what you paid for, if you wanted champagne you shouldn't have ordered beer. You just skimped and then blamed it on the company. You can't have your cake and eat it too...

"an educated connsumer is the best customer" ever heard of this saying?

Also, by the way I was doing a search and came across this picture. This iconz wheel is 20'' 3PC and you ordered 19''. Here is a pure example for you.

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