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ICONZ Wheel (Partial Review)

This review is a repost of a review I posted in another section of the forum earlier today. I thought I'd repost in the proper forum:

I ordered the Iconz 630ZR from Daniel (username: TheModCity). I had several requests to post a review but am in a dispute with the vendor so I'll give the basics here.

When I ordered the wheels, I asked Dan for wheel weights as was told "around mid-20s". I then ordered the extreme lightweight package and was told it would reduce the weight by 3-4 lbs per wheel. However, when I received the wheels (Iconz 630ZR) they weigh as follows:

Fronts: 29 lbs each (19x9)
Rears: 30 lbs and 31 lbs (19x10)

Since it appears Iconz is unwilling to offer a refund, this will most likely be going through the credit card dispute process. Luckily I still have every single Yahoo Msg and email. I literally have every word that has transpired between me and Dan organized chronologically. The dispute package will be in the neighborhood of 70 pages but guarantees to be an eye-opening read for those who have or are considering ordering 2-piece forged wheels.

The latest email I have from Dan clarifies that, like many 2-piece wheels, Iconz uses cast barrels and they are the same barrels used by Asanti and Lexani.