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Originally Posted by Vic311 View Post
Ok so if I use 91 everyday but decide to use 100 occassionaly. Will the DME with your tunes be able to take advantage of it? Or does this require a specific race fuel tune?
Originally Posted by Mike Benvo View Post
It depends on the conditions. Depends if the car is achieving its targets on 91 or if it's pulling back ignition.

Some customers request a higher octane tune for when race gas is used.
Not fully getting what I am asking

Assuming targets are being reached on 91 and optimal conditions to run higher advance. Will your tune have the range to take advantage of 100 octane race fuel. It sounds what you are saying is that it would require a 100 tune that I could not run 91 on. Can you please elaborate?

Not sure if you had flashloader capabilities that could switch between maps on the fly.