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Originally Posted by aussiem3 View Post
I was walking past a conversation between an AMG C63 owner and a couple of by standers. The owner was telling them how great the car is, and "... inside this hood, the engine is built one one man. That's how great this car is ..., blah, blah blah. I just can't understand what difference it makes at the end of the day, whether it's built by one or 10 different guys.

Does one see any merit to this whole marketing bullshit and how people are sold by it? Does it mean the /// cars, the Porsche and the Ferraris etc., have inferior engine because its a production engine and not hand built by some lonely chap?

It was very interesting the way this guy carried on about one man building his engine and how it has got his signature. So does this mean if something blows up in the engine one pursues this guy because he signed the damn thing and he's accountable for things going wrong?

Top Gear had an episode a few years ago where they exposed the "AMG Hand Built" engine thing. The numbers don't match up. They don't have enough actual engine builders to turn out the number of engines. Probably "Hand Built" beyond a certain point. They are factory engines. Other manufactures claim the same thing on higher end models. (Ford Shelby, Corvette, act)

Beyond the marketing of this it cannot be argued that the AMG Engines are pretty impressive. Can't knock it... our cars are just faster around a race track. lol

EDIT: here is a thread on MBWorld discussing the Top Gear Episode. 20,000 engines per year from 50 Engine builders?
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