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Originally Posted by jphughan View Post
As much as my personality tempts me to chime in with a post similar to the others here, since I'm a new 6MT driver I'll sympathize with the OP.

Any of those should be fine. I personally coast over them in 1st or 2nd with little to no gas because this car can creep on a flat surface without any gas and it still won't stall. If you're paranoid about stalling because you're coming up to a really big speed bump (they're out here in Texas), then sure give it some gas. There really isn't much point to clutching in over a speed bump unless you're coming in way too fast because you didn't see the speed bump and now need to slam on the brakes. In that case, brake hard, clutch in to avoid stalling, release the brakes just before you go over the speed bump to avoid having a bunch of extra weight on the front end, and hope you scraped off enough speed to avoid bottoming out your front end. Then put the car into 2nd or 3rd, smoothly clutch out, and carry on.
for slow speed bumps: depending on the height and speed, I do this:

clutch in
off the gas
car goes over bump
slip clutch back in

For high speed bumps
off the gas
car goes over bump
back on gas

OP is this your first manual?