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Guys, I've been getting a lot of questions and concerns regarding the "rainy" weather on Saturday and whether the event was still on. So let me clear this up for everyone: as of right now we are still 100% ON for the event. As usual, the weather sites all disagree on how the weather is going to be on Saturday but I would not take them too seriously as they literally change every few hours as shown below. The track management team works very closely with a local weather station and they get their updates directly from them. So until they call me and say we can't race, which may or may not happen, the event is still on.

Here is the latest snapshot of, and as you can see, just two days ago, they were showing 50% chance of rain, then yesterday they were showing 40% and now they are down to 20%..... so they're definitely coming around

Accu Weather

Weather Underground

Now lets focus less on weather and more on breaking records , as this will be our last big event for the next 11 months!!!!!! Our cars will take a well-needed rest as the weather gets hotter :y
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